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Sign up for a weekly box of fresh vegetables grown right here on our farm in St. Amant, Louisiana. The price of a CSA Share starts at just $15 per week. Pay in weekly, monthly, or quarterly installments.

What is a CSA?  

CSA stands for Community-Supported Agriculture. It's a system that connects you directly to a farm by allowing you to subscribe to a share of its harvest. This simply means that, with your subscription, you become members of our farm and share in the crops as they are harvested. Your subscription helps to support the daily operating cost of the farm, and in return, you receive a weekly box of fresh produce. This system is beneficial to both us, as it gives us a guaranteed market for our produce, and to you, as it gives you greater access to the freshest, high-demand, locally grown vegetables.

So what do you get?

- Membership for a weekly or bi-weekly box of fresh vegetables grown right here on our farm in St. Amant, La.


- Each week, you'll receive fresh organic vegetables that you can either pick-up at our farm in St. Amant or have delivered to your home or one of our pick-up locations near you in Gonzales, Prarieville, Denham Springs, Central, or South Baton Rouge. It will include 6 to 8 seasonal vegetables – the best and freshest of what's available on the farm.


- Customize your box: Each week, you'll have the option to login to our website and adjust what goes into your box before we harvest it. If there's a vegetable you can't eat or really don't like, you can swap it out for something else on the fresh list.


- A weekly newsletter filled with photos from the farm, recipes, inspiration, and cooking tips for all the produce.


 - The ability to put a hold on your box when you're out of town, and if you've prepaid, receive a credit for extra vegetables when you're back, otherwise you won't be charged while your box is on hold. 


 - The opportunity to directly support local farmers.

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