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Jot & Tittle Farms is small farm in Saint Amant, Louisiana owned and operated by Grady and Kayeli Watts. We grow organic, nutrient-dense vegetables for a CSA and Farmers Markets. In 2017, God put it on our hearts to leave our busy lifestyle and demanding jobs for a more simple way of life...one that honors our Lord and reflects His image. While we are far from perfect in this, it is our hearts' desire. 

In 2019, we started Jot & Tittle farms with the idea of primarily selling at local farmers markets. Not long after we started, we began receiving requests from many of our returning customers to start a box service (weekly boxes of fresh produce). As my wife and I began discussing and planning the logistics around this, God put on our hearts a way that we might use our small farm to bring Him glory.

We've been in prayer about how we can give freely and cheerfully to the Lord from the literal first-fruits of our farm, and we want you to know how you will be a part of that! After much discussion and prayer, we feel that the time was "ripe" to expand our farm and begin offering Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA).  It's a system that connects you directly to a farm by allowing you to subscribe to a share of its harvest. This simply means that, with your subscription, you become members of our farm and share in the crops as they are harvested. Your subscription helps to support the daily operating cost of the farm, and in return, you receive a weekly box of fresh produce. This system is beneficial to both us, as it gives us a guaranteed market for our produce, and to you, as it gives you greater access to the freshest, high-demand, locally grown vegetables.

But here's the best part, the expansion of our farm allows us the ability to provide low-income families with a steady supply of nutrient dense, locally grown, fresh produce...at no charge. Jot & Tittle Farms is giving 10 free CSA memberships to families in need. That means that we provide 10 low-income families with a box of fresh vegetables each week, and that is just the beginning...as the Lord increases our harvest, we will be faithful to increase our giving in whatever way He impresses upon us, starting with increasing the number of low-income families we provide food for.

By becoming members of our farm, not only do you share in the harvest that God has so faithfully provided, but you also join us as we seek to honor Him in our work and to cheerfully give to those in need as God has given to us. We know that God is able to do exceedingly abundantly more than we could ask or think.

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Jot & Tittle Farms, LLC

St. Amant, LA