Jot & Tittle Farms is small farm in Saint Amant, Louisiana owned and operated by Grady and Kayeli Watts. We grow organic, nutrient-dense vegetables for a CSA and Farmers Markets. In 2017, God put it on our hearts to leave our busy lifestyle and demanding jobs for a more simple way of life... Learn More...



At Jot & Tittle Farms, we grow organic. While we may not have a USDA certification at this time, we do rigorously follow organic practices on the farm: we use only natural pest control practices and no chemical fertilizers, we use no GMOs, we plant habitat for fact everything we put into our soil, from fertilizer to seed, is certified organic.


The heart and soul of Jot & Tittle Farms is our soil. We are a no till, no tractor farm. This preserves the bio-life within the soil and is key in providing the best tasting most nutrient-dense produce possible. We use lots of bio-rich compost to nourish and create a living soil.

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Jot & Tittle Farms, LLC

St. Amant, LA